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Originally Posted by Jay_328 View Post
I have NO SYMPATHY for those bastards.
neither do i, but what they are doing IS counter productive, i meen several of the people who end up on the show have SEEN the show, so obviously its not acting as much of a deterant in showing their faces

most of these guys are clearly mentally disturbed, who knows what doing this does to their heads, after that happens they may hold a grudge against the people and it might reflect onto children and they could end up commiting violant crimes against kids

its not sympathy, its just that there is no positive to doing this besides raising awareness of the problem, of which their faces are not needed

also you have to know that they are being portrayed much worse then reality, like someone mentioned the decoy repeatedly contacts the mark in some cases... its still wrong but....

i meen i love anime, and someone could EASILY portray me as a pervert or a pedo without including full details

though im sure their all guilty