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Originally Posted by relative4 View Post
Thank you so much for doing all this work and posting the results. My E90 xi has Dinans & B8s all around, and I've never liked how high the front is. Do you see any potential problems with running Tein front, Dinan rear, and B8s all around?
So I do not know anything about Dinan springs. Can you please post a photo of how your car sits with the Dinan springs and B8 shocks?

The front Tein springs are 190 lbs/in.
I don't know the Dinan front spring rates.

I currently have Koni Yellows up front but am getting crashing over some larger bumps even after cutting the bump stops accordingly. I have not had time to look into it yet but I do NOT believe the 190 lbs/in front TEIN springs are to blame; OEM are much softer. Unless of course my understanding of springs is way off.