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Got it installed!

I got my exhaust installed the other day

So while driving home from the muffler shop, I wasn't too sure about my purchase, but that soon changed. At first, the exhaust just didn't sound too good, especially from the driver's seat, but wasn't too worried because I knew you had to give it time to break in.

Later that day, I installed the Euro Intake into my car, and I feel that makes a difference to the sound of the exhaust, especially at the lower RPMS. It didnt sound as congested and rumbling, but now sounded more throaty and sporty. I've been noticing too each time i drive the car, the exhaust is starting to sound better and better when i rev it past 3K, so I can't wait to hear the true sound of it when it's broken in.

One thing I love about the exhaust is that you still have the combination of luxury and sport. The exhaust is still as quiet as stock at idle and below 3K (when the windows are closed), but when you rev it past 3K, the car finally sounds sporty, like a BMW should. I still can't understand why bmw made the e92 naturally aspirated engines/ exhausts so quiet, especially compared to e46s. This is after all a BMW, not a Mercedes, and coming to think of it, the stock exhausts on c300s are quite sporty too...