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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
Yeah, the days of settling something outside are gone. People are just different. 20 years ago when two guys got into a heated argument it was settled with a fight. But the people in the fight were still reasonable. If one was really beating the other, the fight would end either by the winner stoping or the loser giving up. And sometimes these fights were even followed up with them have a beer together.

Now when someone is losing they just keep coming or talking shit or run home to get friends. And lots of time the guy that is the winner doesn't stop. We've all seen videos of fights where someone knocks another guy out and after he's out he AND his friends continues to kick the guy, then piss on him and rob him.

There are no more gentlemanly fights anymore. People are too prideful and unpredictable anymore.

So yes you're right. Don't start shit, there won't be shit. Seems perfectly fine with me. You should always be in control of your actions and emotions.
Growing up and Canada and HK standing up for yourself served okay, but it doesn't apply to known criminals (who are prone to violence and have don't value their life, so you can never make them back down, you should never put your life on line against someone who doesn't value theirs) and when you're not in a country where you're not familiar with the laws.
When I have kids I am not going to teach them the same thing, avoiding and defusing is the only option - there is no more 'standing your ground' when any confrontation can end deadly.
And if where you live the laws are such that deadly force in self-defence is permisible, you may want to carry and carry the attitude "don't touch me, i have a gun - don't touch me"
Gotta start teaching the kids to rat out and get on the good side of teachers (authority figures) rather than "If Johnny hits you, you hit him back, okay?"