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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I stay out of trouble in general. Fight vs. flight. I'd rather run and live than possibly get stabbed/shot in an altercation, regardless of how tough I think I might be in a fight. Knowing nothing about what the other person is capable of (illegally carrying a gun, having a knife, etc), it makes me much more reluctant to put myself in that type of a situation in the first place. If I'm in a situation where I must fight or die, then obviously I will fight. But you just never know. I stay in public, well lit places. I specifically choose movie theaters that are 30+ minutes out of the way because I know they have a strong police presence and are in better areas.

It's a shame we live in a world where a law abiding citizen like you can't go to eat ice cream at a place at 11 PM or so anymore because of criminals and such that like to cause a commotion. I find that as I grew a bit older, house parties and early nights out have become much more common for me, instead of bars and stuff. It's not just because I don't want to party anymore, I really do and I enjoy partying with friends. It's just that I value my life (and my family) a lot more and would rather avoid possible incidents.

My soon-to-be works at a hospital down town here in the pediatric ICU. In the last week she has had four victims of gang related violence (all of them suffered gunshot wounds and one died). One of them was a 16 year old kid that was shot in the head and killed at a pool party because a fight broke out. It's horrible...
Me too man, i don't need drama in my life. Let TNT have all the drama they want. Carrying or not i always have an exit strategy in my head when in suspect places.
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