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Originally Posted by hotrod182 View Post
You can contact Tesla, but I am pretty sure that you can't have the display angled towards you when you make the run. Do you turn it straight forward when you make the runs?
Not to disagree, but I'm almost positive it can be angled in any direction. The thought did cross my mind, too. But, the manual (which I read in its entirety) doesn't state this and there is an "orientation" phase you take it through, which is simply a first-time straight-line drag run, so it can gather which direction is forward.

Accelerometers with the proper driver software could definitely handle the task. At a physical level, I believe they pick up changes in direction the same way throughout 3D space. Going off on a total tangent, if anyone's interested, many laptops have an accelerometer built-in nowadays. If it senses a quick change in direction, it "parks" the hard drive, to protect from head crashes in the event it has been dropped and is about to be jarred hard.