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Originally Posted by sirantsE90 View Post
I'm sure it's a blast to drive. I need to find a way into the sport while they still have proper trannys, no sequentials. I'm doing the bmw m school later this year and theyre all DCTs...a little bummed out.

How do you like the Mazda compared to the zetec and the new hewland compared to those ld200s
So far so good! I believe the Mazda is 10-15hp higher than the Pinto/Zetec engines, and all around they seem pretty solid. The gearbox itself is awesome - sequential 5 speed with decent gearing (sealed gears this year as well), but was kind of a scramble to get it installed and make our own brackets for neutral/reverse, fix all the machining errors, etc within the week before the season opener. Switching gearboxes the last-minute decision by Indycar, and a lot of the smaller teams didn't have it prior to winterfest...and since we're based out of Minnesota, we didn't get any shakedown time with the car, and paid the price for it at the season opener with totally preventable mechanical failures.

This is my first year playing with open wheel cars, so it's been a bit of a learning curve compared to my sports car experience. It helps that we have limited spring rates to experiment with, but with unlimited suspension geometry. Combine that with the Pi data system, it's almost data overload, and each corner tells a unique story and has unique ways to improve...making executive decisions a bit harder, haha.

If you or anyone wants to come to a Indy race let me know and I can get some pretty good passes!