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JBSpeed - Great customer Service, bad splitters

First of all I wanted to say that JBSpeed has EXCELLENT Customer service and went above and beyond my expectations. I ordered some parts from JBSpeed, and all came within a span of 3 weeks. CF License Plate, CFRoof Spoiler, Carbon Kidneys, and Carbon Splitters.

All of the other parts fit well and look great. The only part I had an issue with was the Carbon Splitters.

I searched this forum for Carbon Splitters and didn't really find any reviews other than OEM part reviews. Be aware of the fitment of these parts from not only JBSpeed but other vendors. I just received a set, took two weeks to ship, received them yesterday. They do not fit very well. I know these aren't OEM fit, but what I got is not comparable to the pictures they have on their website.

After checking in with the manufacturer, JBSpeed said even if I got a replacement part it would probably have similar issues. JBSpeed did an excellent job in communicating, and once I dropped them off to the post office to ship back to Taiwan, they refunded me the cost of the splitters and the return shipping.

JBSpeed's Picture:

What I got and how they look mounted. Driver's side piece was too short, didn't look semi-identical to the passenger's side or the website's picture.

Passenger's side at least was the right length, but it still had the gaps at the top by the fogs.

Overall, I would shop with JBSpeed again, but not on the splitters. I'm going to purchase the OEM splitters from Tischer and call it a day. We need more honest vendors like JBSpeed!

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