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The E60 M5 and E9X M3 were made in a time of economic prosperity we will likely not see again in our lifetimes. The amount of money BMW spent on the development of those two cars is staggering.

All the new BMWs leave me cold. BMW seems to be trying hard to appeal to everyone; certainly a good sales strategy but the lack of passion is apparent. The 1 feels too cheap and cramped, yet the new 3-series rides like the outgoing 5-series. The new 5-series is beautiful but performance is unremarkable. The new M5 is a big yawn; lots of lazy power with some pumped in sound effects, that's not anything to put up a poster and dream about like I did with the E39. The 6-series has become inoffensively styled cars for the retired set. I rarely see 7-series anymore. And when BMW does introduce at least a somewhat interesting car, such as the M135, they don't bother to bring it to the US.

Other automakers seem to be filling the void. I would take the S6 over any BMW in the new line up. The new Cayman S looks great as well and is getting fantastic reviews; its starting price of 63K will probably be less than the new turbocharged barge M3/M4.

I have a 2013 328 loaner currently. It rides like a 2009 5-series with worn RTABs. You can control throttle lag from minutes to mere seconds with a rocker switch. The steering wheel is a hard plastic throwback to a mid-90s Honda; similarly sized, thin and large. The weighting is a nice compromise but feel is nonexistent. The car has front and back parking sensors; the hood is so wide and tall you cannot see five feet in front of you. As you carefully inch forward in your garage, the engine cuts out due to auto stop-start and the car lurches to a halt. Hope you weren't holding your coffee.

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