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Originally Posted by krnboy817 View Post
^ my warranty is extended to 6/100,000 miles from being a CPO car.

so i have 40k which leaves me 60,000 more miles
its 2008 so i have 2 years left

for the warranty part. which ever comes first tho.

far as the maintenance goes, it would have been over when i hit 40k or if 4 yrs came up first. but i paid extra 1400 so that i would have maintenance up to 100,000 miles no matter the years.
I thought the extended maintenance also had a 2 year limitation. If it's really in effect in your case for 60k miles for unlimited time, then I agree, you got a good deal.


Edit: you might want to recheck your paperwork as the BMW website states that:

"The Maintenance Program Upgrade option also extends the standard 4 years/unlimited mileage BMW Roadside Assistance Program benefit period by an additional 2 years/unlimited mileage for a total of 6 years/unlimited mileage."