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Not sure how they could get away with getting convictions for people doing that due to the following. Then again, a law unto themselves.

The definition of a CU80 driving offence is contained within Section 41D of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and said to be “the driving of a motor vehicle while using a hand-held mobile telephone or other hand-held interactive communication device.”

For these purposes;

Hand-held device – is something that “is or must be held at some point during the course of making or receiving a call or performing any other interactive communication function”.

Using a Device – “similar” to a mobile phone, where it performs an ‘interactive communication’ function by transmitting and receiving data.
No different to changing radio station, track, volume on a radio. All less dangerous than eating, drinking and smoking whilst driving which are all legal.

They must have been from Driving without due care and attention surely. It's impossible for a CU80 to apply going by definitions.
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