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I'd do 2 things

1) Have a good read on

2) Get in touch with a road traffic lawyer specialist and get him/her to take a look at the case.

I'm not saying you've been done incorrectly by the letter of the law. And i don't know where the burden of proof lies. But i've been stopped many many times as the police have suspected something and i do the "yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir" approach and to date i've been "let off". But i have had them lie to me. Telling me i was speeding when i have HUD on the X5 and was following a guy on a racer down a single track road. They said they followed me speeding down that road. However i saw them start following me at a later point. I didn't call them liars. I just explained i had noted that i was doing 27 miles per hour and following a cyclist for half a mile and was impressed at his speed. So they sometimes lie to get to admit to stuff. They would never had had proof because they actually started following me on the next road i turned onto after passing the bike. I knew that. And they knew that i knew that after 20 mins of going round my car with a fine tooth comb.
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