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Originally Posted by Shane. View Post
Ok the Conditional Offer (Endorsable) has arrived and i have been offered 2 options

Option 1 100 and 3 points on my licence

Option 2 take the matter to court.

Im now doing my insurance Renewal and just put it on to see what it does to my policy and it went up by 24 for the year. so say for example 24 for 5 years = 120 + 100 fine works out at 220 its going to cost me more than this in court and i could come off a lot worse so guess i am best to take the points. Im assuming the code will be as above CU80

As a matter of principle, i'd still go see a road traffic lawyer / specialist and get their advice.

My guess is that they are not going to be able to prove anything - i seem to remember that 2 police officers don't need evidence as such but if they witness something it is admissable in court. I don't think 1 is.

You could take photos of you using various devices from the position the bike was parked to where your car was and prove that there is no way they could have seen you using your phone. It could have been your wallet etc. Again all depends on what you've signed for to date, and what statements you've given etc.

Did you admit and sign a statement saying you touched your phone?

As before i'm no lawyer - just really fed up with some traffic cops.
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