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According to this it's the same at the N54, vacuum to close the wastegate and build boost. I have too much boost which would indicate it's stock closed. I don't understand how that would happen but I cannot budge it and the lever position looks closed based on the angle.

You’re on the right track.

You can always drop your downpipe, inspect the wastegate flap, make sure it’s moving easily, and you can ALWAYS replace components of the mechanism with enough willpower.

No need to chunk a turbo if you’re just having issues with the wastegate, but if you decide to, id be happy to save it from the trash bin (I have been planning a few test fits of other compressor wheels and could benefit from having an extra “somewhat known good” turbskies)
I got under the car and I couldn't move the wastegate lever at all. I also tried to disconnect the actuator but the two nuts are too tight for me with the little working space. So because I can't disconnect it I can't tell if it's the actuator or the wastegate lever, but I hope it's just the actuator. Pure Turbos sells an N55 wastegate actuator so I'll buy one and take it to a shop to replace it since taking off the DP (xdrive) is also too much for me. I e replaced actuators on a 03 Jetta TDI but BMW left very little working space.
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