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Originally Posted by TheGoodTheBadTheUgly View Post
anjuna You think you know how it is done and if its bad?
Sorry, I'm a bit late

Work gets BUSY

Yes, I have done this before. It's pretty easy to do.
  • You DO pull a bunch of timing by using the "Ignition Angle Adjustment for Burbles - xxxx" tables, which corresponds to "burbles"
  • You set your AFR's rich in the area that you want the "flames"
  • You set the fuel trims positive by as much as possible in that same area
  • You can dial it in further with the standard ignition tables

Now, would I do it? Not particularly.

Even if you stop just with the "Ignition Angle Adjustment for Burble" adjustments, you still have to declare the maximum amount of load allowed for this to happen. Otherwise, you get shit driveability.

Also, this is really hard on the exhaust components and the turbo. You're moving the "bang boom make power" cycle out of the engine and into your turbofold, downpipe, ?cats?, exhaust piping, and muffler.

I wouldn't think about doing it unless TRULY straight-piped and I wouldn't do it for a daily.

I think a more classy thing to do would be to refine your burbles and overrun behavior to avoid the "AK47" style exhaust "burbles"
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