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I don't have any "real" art so maybe I'm not one to comment. But I've asked and have been asked if my wheels are replicas at many car meets. It doesn't offend me. Maybe that's in part because mine are not replicas. I hope I have not offended anyone else but if someone did take offense, I'd apologize as that was of course not my intention. It was just curiosity. I don't think there's shame in owning them, so if they are offended, I think it might say more about them than me.

But maybe that is classless. It could be that it's similar to asking someone how much they make, like implying "do you make enough for afford the real thing"?

For me, like a lot of things, I think it depends on the delivery. If they come off as a snide little shit and they ask "hey is this real?", I'd probably be offended. But if they are more articulate and show genuine interest and the question comes up, I'd really have no problem with it.

I remember one time I was walking next to a car in traffic with a set of CCWs I really wanted and it was the first time I'd seen them in person. I was taking the opportunity to really check them out because I'd only seem them in pictures. I asked the guy "Those wheels look great! Are the real or reps?". His response was "they don't make reps of this model", and his light turned green and he took off. It's possible I offended him but I hope not as it was genuine curiosity.

Someone else mentioned the practicality of owning a replica watch. If someone asks you if the watch is a replica, it may be that they think the watch looks great and if it is in fact a replica, maybe they'd be more inclined to pick one up if it isn't a monumental purchase.

It's really hard to offend me for asking an honest question, though. Maybe I give people a lot of leeway.

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