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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I guess as long as it's fake and they know it's fake it is fine.

I have a few "replica" watches that were fun to have. They are things I would not pay for if it were real but fun to wear and beat around in. Most are pretty good copies, you would not be able to tell the difference unless you took it off the wrist. It's just fun, almost disposable stuff. $50 for Rolex? Sure, why not. Just throw it away when you're tired of it.
My motto is, it doesn't matter if anyone else can tell if it's fake of not, I/YOU WOULD KNOW! I would feel like a fake, like I'm trying to be something I am not. Either be the person who likes expensive watches or the one that rocks a black G-Shock or Timex and would rather invest in something else. Either way, be real, be true to yourself! JMNSHO

PS. If you want a "Swiss" replica that you would have to open up to determine if it's real, you will pay more than $50, $100....more like $300-500. But they are still not up to par with quality. I bought one while in college and was self consciousness about wearing a fake watch, I already explained that above.