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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
...But I've asked and have been asked if my wheels are replicas at many car meets. It doesn't offend me. Maybe that's in part because mine are not replicas....

But maybe that is classless. It could be that it's similar to asking someone how much they make, like implying "do you make enough for afford the real thing"?

For me, like a lot of things, I think it depends on the delivery. If they come off as a snide little shit and they ask "hey is this real?", I'd probably be offended. But if they are more articulate and show genuine interest and the question comes up, I'd really have no problem with it.

[nice anecdote deleted - TY for sharing....enjoyed reading it]
I wasn't offended, but I think you sense that. Disappointment is probably closer to what I felt. I like to think that I'm better at judging the character of the folks whom I let into my life enough that I'd invite them into my home. So I wasn't just disappointed with them, but also with myself. That I had to waste my time with that kind of person was entirely my own fault. Had I paid closer attention sooner and been more circumspect, I likely would have realized those folks weren't people I want in my life.

All that aside, it's the boorishness that ticked me off. I just don't see that as the sort of question that one asks. Maybe I'm too old fashioned. I know folks feel comfortable asking damn near anything of anyone these days. I know if it were a fake thing that someone complimented, I would be quick to thank them and tell them it's a copy or whatever. If they criticized it, I would accept the critique and share what I do like about it and ask them about similar items that they perhaps do enjoy. After all, if you know that you don't like watch X or artwork X, then you must know enough about the genre to have some that you do like. Maybe I like that too and we do have something in common.

As I said, maybe I'm just too "old school." But isn't that the way civilized people have conversations and freely express their thoughts and opinions.

All the best.

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