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Originally Posted by GotEM4 View Post
Different strokes for different folks. It's usually poor people that have the fake ones (any fake) that can't afford the REAL thing, but more power to you.

I was broke college grad but had a real Tag watch. Sometimes in life, whether you're rich or poor, you have to work hard to get what you want.

If by "poor" you mean folks such as Chinese nationals who don't have good jobs, I'd agree. I'd even agree if you mean Chinese nationals who have good jobs that don't pay as well as the jobs expats in China hold, again, I'd agree. Outside of that, I can't tell you what "people" usually do, poor or not-poor. It makes sense to me that poor folks would buy fakes seeing as the fakes aren't expensive in comparison to many alternatives, and certainly in comparison to the authentic alternative. But plenty of non-poor folks buy fakes too.

Every consultant I have staffed in the PRC (~100 Westerners) has bought at least one fake. Now they may be poor, but they only reason is because they spend every penny they earn. I know it's not because they aren't well paid. To the contrary, they are exceptionally well paid and they are living expense free in the PRC. Indeed, their daily per diem, which is expected just to cover dinner, amounts to about $20K/year and I know damn well they aren't actually spending that much to eat dinner because it's hard to do.

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