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Don't do it! Set a goal and treat yourself to that special watch for achieving it. In 1998 I had a great year with business and earned an amount of money I always thought of as a serious threshold to exceed. So I bought a Rolex submariner that I always admired as a timeless classic that would be respected forever. I paid $2,800 which was a 15% discount off the MSRP at the time. I have worn that watch almost every day for 16 years and it is still as in style and admired as it was the day I bought it. If fact, even though the new ones have a better bracelet design, there is something about mine being old that makes it special to me. Ive since added a breguet and blancpain flyback crono to my collection, but the submariner reminds me to this day of achieving my goal. As an aside, I could sell that watch used today for about $4,000 after wearing it for 16 years!

Never sell yourself short. Better to wear a classic timex than a fake rolex. A nice watch will win you a LOT of respect, and you will never feel like you are lying to yourself.

Character is how you act when no one is watching. Think about this... How would you explain your fake watch to your 8 year old son?

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