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Originally Posted by Taskmaster View Post
You got me all sorts of Jelly! Have you thought about an inter cooler? I donít like meth or water cooling, but that may have to be an option when you get higher up there in boost.
I have been venturing the idea alot, I saw someone post an older thread to one of the current ones...
(FML this is the only thread I could find whilst searching...)

BUT! That housing above can help make this piece below happen!
(Which is the elusive thread I am trying to find! Homeboy had that housing the product from below and an intercooler mounted in the center. Which I really need to find what intercooler he used, as it appeared to mount seamlessly with a little finesse to make it happen!)

http://n5 products_id=309&zenid=a0298921f643433d2ad6801c2dbd 728a#.WuTZSogvyUk

I plan to top out at like 10... MAYBE 12 pounds.
I'll see how it turns out- Especially as Marty mentioned above, losing some boost in the process in the midst of the other mods in place.

And what turns you off to meth/water cooling, if you dont mind my asking?
See you, space cowboy.
but its for sale