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Originally Posted by Fraggy View Post
Let's see, we butter their bread but they prefer to reward Mexicans who do little for them.
Not sure what you mean by this but I assume it is a reference to the hard work put out by the factory workers in SC. I agree that people in SC are hard working and create cars that are on par with those in Germany, I should know I bought a 2nd gen X3 and was one of the first people in Washington State to have one. However, BMW pays them a wage to build cars, sure they butter BMW's bread but they're doing it out of their own free will and get paid money for their services.

It's so funny how some use the race card so easy. It's not racist to expect that if BMW is coming all this way to build a plant, that they should come here and not go to our back yard and give us the finger and a big "fuck you"!!
In no way was my last sentence accusing anyone of being racist. It was a reference to how Americans have a perception that we own all the jobs, how it's our resources, our ideas. There are currently zero production plants in Mexico that are outright owned by BMW, there's the Toluca plant but that's a partnership between Mexican investors and BMW where they produce cars only for the local market, if American investors want to have a similar partnership with BMW I bet they'd let the investors build as many plants in the US as they want.

However, since 1992 BMW has invested $2.2 billion (wikipedia) into the Spartanburg plant and continues to expand production there which not only benefits the 7000 working directly for them but indirectly like the individuals who constructed the plant and restaurants who feed these thousands of individuals. I honestly don't understand how you and others can say that BMW is giving Mexico favoritism when they have already done so much for SC and the American people, in no way is this article saying that they're moving American jobs in SC somewhere else, if anything people in Germany should be worried about losing jobs, not Americans.