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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
Well the m3 that I am driving is German

The engine is made in Germany
And so is the chassis
As are most of the electronics
The transmission? German too
75% of the parts, are german

So what was your point again?
Component/Supplier content in a vehicle really has to do with final assembly point.

OEM's get taxed based on amount of localized content (locally sourced suppliers) in relation to the assembly plant. They also need to have a certain % of the total vehicle with parts produced locally for custom compliance. The more you import parts, the higher duties you pay and the less you can make the statement of "made in NAFTA".

The majority of your components are German, because your final vehicle assembly point was German. Don't think that a vehicle made in the Mexico will have the majority of it's components/parts built in Germany. Some of the powertrain might be sourced from Europe, but there are also discussions of the German automakers building powertrain plants locally (some joint ventures with other OEM's).