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Originally Posted by Stuart@BMRAutowerkes View Post
I just realised you're an N55 not N54 - N55 has much more choice in downpipes as they all fit pretty much... even the burger tuning one fits up a-ok and is priced very well....

It basically goes:

Downpipe -> Midpipes -> Centre resonator -> Rear muffler

Downpipe = gives you more power, slight increase in noise
Midpipes = not much you can do on the N55, as they are already 'catless'
Centre res = delete this / replace with a 'Y pipe' for more noise
Rear muffler = you've already got the akra...

I reckon go with the Burger DP as it fits up and is priced well... enjoy the power (but you'll need a tune to go with) and the slight increase in noise. After that if you want more noise then you can delete your centre res (although doing this can cause drone)
Well I can guess you have worked on a few Just need to change my To-do list now. I was planning on tuning the car once the Dinan intake is done as well as the exhaust bits ( still deciding now ).
Does the car have to be tuned straight after the DP's are in? if so i might save them for last and do them with a tune. Still not sure if I should go JB or Proceed. A lot of the 1er guys use JB but here ive noticed theres more proceed.

Ive also herd that the original charge pipe can crack with a tune and should be replaced??? can anyone shed some light onto that please

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