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N54 o2 sensors and AFR

I have had issues with my car throwing o2 sensor codes for bank 2 sensors (both 1 and 2) when the car was stock and now with upgrades.

Firstly, what is the desired AFR for the n54 engine? I've read between 14 and 16.

My current setup:
DCI's from BMS
MHD stage 2+ tune
Catless DPs
Upgraded intercooler
Cobb chargepipe
JB4 psi upgrade (The $200 one) current set to add 2 PSI
Muffler delete
Brand new fuel pumps/filters
New vacuum lines
New BOVs
New plugs/coils
New injectors
Current BMW programning for all modules
New fuel sensors.
Plus lots more....

I dont know what the proper AFR should be but the logs I have seem to indicate the car is way too lean. Can someoje check out the logs and provide input please, as I want to ensure the engine is running in perfect order.

Notice in the log how there are strange spikes, I'm concerned something is wrong with my DME. (I already checked the MOSFETS)
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