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Originally Posted by 645Nm View Post
I don't uderstand this post...a giac flash beat a V3?...then V3 got fixed and beat e90 M3?...then did what???...oh yes, the downpipes were in somewhere as well...

The one with the giac flash, please explain clearly: you have a stock 335 with a giac flash...right? tell us about the what boost is this flash set? map switchable...etc...?
yes my customer has a 335I only with GIAC filash!!!. (no other mod)
and here is the post from giac usa about the BMW 335 chip below!!

Pre-Release Announcement: GIAC Software for the BMW 135, 335, 535 Stage 1 GIAC performance software will be released Monday of next week for BMW 135, 335, 535 applications.
55 wheel HP and 55 ft lbs of wheel torque gain over stock (dyno plot link)
. Gains are estimated at 60 HP and 60 ft lbs of torque at the crank.
OBD2 port flash installation
Enhanced throttle reaction
Smooth power transitions
Removed speed limiter
Higher rev limiter, 7200 RPMs for manual transmission cars.
Switching options may be available in the coming months.