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Nothing like Supras... At all, i any way shape or form other than the fact they are really heavy >=P

But then again I like 335is and hate Supras so maybe that is the reason behind it. As far as modding other cars here are lots. The 335i isn't even really main stream or on the tuners/modders radar since all of the upgrade paths are linear and the tuning is baby proof.

Its all about budget and what type of car you want. AWD, RWD, FWD.. FI or N/A, American or Imported, Turning or straight line, Performance or comfort etc etc. Maybe a little bit of all of it?

Its an impossible thing to answer but the Tuner King that achieves the most for the least is and always will be the Mitsubishi Evo. Performance, Gasmillage, Straight line and turning, community support, vendor support. Various upgrade paths etc etc. A lot easier to be unique.