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Originally Posted by Kylekuu View Post
if you don't have a brake bleeder, you can do the traditional method and steping on the brakes and cycle the fluid out. However some believe it causes extra wear and tear on the brake system
I have a brake bleeder, it's called MY WIFE. The best way, in my opinion to bleed the brakes is to suck out the old fluid in the reservoir and add new brake fluid. Get some one half competent and have them help. The helper needs to put light pressure on the brake pedal as you open the bleeder valve on each caliper 9one at a time of course). Do right rear, left rear, right front, then, left front. The helper doesn't need to pump the brakes- just foot pressure on the pedal, just make sure they don't bottom out the pedal hard. It's a lot easier than a power bleeder or vacuum bleeder.

Not knowing what tools you have, you need:
17MM socket for lug bolts.
Breaker bar to remove the lug bolts
Full set of metric wrenches from 6MM to 19MM
Full set of sockets 6MM to 19MM
drive, 3/8 drive, and drive ratchets
Full set of Allen sockets - the rotor retaining bolt is 6MM. The caliper mounting bolts are 7MM.
drive torque wrench
Flat screwdrivers to pry the calipers off
C-clamp, or piston compressing tool for calipers
Needle-nose pliers
coat hanger to hang the caliper while it is dismounted.

Get the Bentley manual.

Tischer will sell you a set of rotors. I think the BMW performance rotors are not slotted just drilled, so they are not directional.

Have fun.