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Originally Posted by bimmernoob View Post
Never mind, I guess I should have read the instruction from Motive.
The POWER BLEEDER is very easy to use and maintain.
For instructions on how to use the unit please see the SUPPORT page. To clean the POWER BLEEDER after use
pour denatured alcohol into the tank and into the tube. Dispose of the dirty alcohol. Allow the unit to air dry. Store in a
cool, dry, dark area with the hose wrapped loosely around the unit. DO NOT USE BRAKE CLEANER ON ANY PART
OF THE UNIT. If denatured alcohol can not be found a mild dish washing detergent may be used, however insure all
soap is rinsed out prior to air drying unit and that unit is completely dry prior to next use.
This is what I use on my brake bleeder too. Works great!