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Originally Posted by e93ro View Post
My first v-box run was 13.7 on stock weight e93, stock wheels, procede v5 map1 autotuned 15 psi (12-17 maps), no meth.

Will come back shortly with better results and v-box file as the set-up for fail safe map4 (meth for sure and maybe some racegas) will be ready and tested and some more miles on my new act street clutch still grinding.

I am pretty confident I can go lower than 11s maybe even 10s in a full setup - race gas+meth as my upgraded turbos will need higher psi to make the difference.

Owning also JB4 I might use it for some testing also.

MT, 1 shift

Still could not log on my vbox, results were just some .txt files, have to see why no .vbo file logged, used a regular sd card and now at least is writing something.

Anyway, I think it was lower than 3% angle and got many resuls in 10s, best was 10.3 , map 1 no meth best was 11.9

procede v5 3-30 dic maps
map4 18 psi 50% ign cor , meth 50/50 & race gas 109
fbo, turbo upgrade, lsd
MT 1 shift

--------------- Best results ---------------
Time 21:01 Date 12/04/2011

Speed(mph) Time(s)
0-60 14.3
0-100 137.8
60-130 10.3
50-70 00.9
Procede V5, AMS FMIC, AR c-less DPs & Borla exhaust, DCI, CDV, STETT Charge Pipe+BOV, KW CoilOvers, CMGS Meth kit CM10, AR additional oil cooler, Quaife LSD, TD stage 1 turbo upgrade, RIX Gauge, ACT street clutch