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Alrighty, I'll pick up your gauntlet...SUIT WAR!!! (be careful what you wish for)

Originally Posted by paradoxical3 View Post
MTM, fully canvassed, Horn buttons, functional cuffs with handmade buttonholes (4 buttons, three buttoned), super 120's LP fabric, structured shoulder with 8in drop, etc, etc.

Your turn!
Dude, is that meant to impress me? I can't even see the lines of your suit. I dunno about those buttons and that color scheme esp the lining, what can go with that? Maybe that's why you keep suggesting brown knit ties lol. Who's your tailor?

Here's one from my Hong Kong tailor, single-breasted red pinstripes, real buttonholes, and some french cuff shirts w/ Alfred Dunhill cufflink.
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