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Insurance claim

Hi everyone, a friend of mine, who lives in US, he told me something funny and somewhat ridiculous.
His car is under finance, and he has his comprehensive insurance. One day on his way back home, there was an animal suddenly came across the street, then he prompted to turn the steering wheel, fortunately, he avoided the crash to the animal, some kind of cat or dog as he said it was too dark and barely could see what's that. Unfortunately though, his car went into a tree causing serious damage to the car. The damage would make the car a total, yet, upon his claim, the insurance rejected his claim cause they considered that was a staged accident and the victim, my friend, is trying to get the insurance to pay off the finance company...and saying that is an insurance fraud!!!

I was in a shock after hearing that!!!

I reckon that is totally an ACCIDENT, there is no way the insurance to refuse the claim by saying so. PLUS, its ridiculous to conclude as an INSURANCE FRAUD!

I wonder if that happens to anyone here? Do our insurance companies in Australia do the same way as the ones in US?