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Originally Posted by xxdaBMWnMBxx View Post
I didn't make a comprehensive report from him, and I wouldn't either.
I just heard of it from him, but I think he wouldn't be doing something planned as to what people said here.

My objective is to see how people think, and to share your thoughts if that's you and you most probably saved a life (an animal), but ended up driving yourself into trouble.
apart from a car camera that records the trips, what can we do to protect ourselves and to ensure we are covered?

If "people" think that the thread is so called intentional, I welcome the administrator to delete it.

(But, tbh, i dont think it is so easy to total loss a 3-4 years old car, given that its market value is not cheap as a 10-20 year old oldies that will easily be total loss by a minor impact, unless you are so brave so determined so desperate to drive up and hit something like a tree. I would say hitting another car would be a lot safer at least that's sort of crumble.)
In short you don't know what he said to insurance and neither do I. Maybe he said something stupid (posted something on forums?), or maybe called insurance right before the accident to check what is covered under his policy? He needs to review what he did right before the accident to raise questions. It is all speculation now, and it will come to light at some point. Wouldn't you feel that something is fishy if a customer calls to check how much coverage it has and then totals the car next day?