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Got my car from BMW of Towson. Found the car from their web pages and it was exactly what I had been looking for and for an OK price.

So, drove there with a girl friend on my way to DC, checked the car out and liked it. Asked it for a test drive and gave them my Finnish drivers license (official European Union card). They did not accept it, and thus did not let me drive the car! I was amazed, because I could have bought the car right away with cash and I told them that. They were very unpolite and didn't even try to explain it to me (other than "sorry but it is our insurance policy") or try to find a way around it. For example, they didn't suggest that one of their sales guys could drive it while I sit next to him. Not the same thing, but they didn't even suggest it. I felt like I was not respected as a customer, almost like they threw me out!

Even though I decided I will never step foot in that place again, the car bothered me because it basically was what I had been looking for (the color, the price, the accessories, transmission, everything matched) so I swallowed my pride and called them again next Monday. Ian Brown answered the call and later that day I signed the papers with him. I don't have anything bad to say about the service I got from him and still do - I've given him a few calls after I got the car to ask some questions about the car and paperwork.

So in the end - overall rating for Towson is definitely on the positive side!