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I've read all of Raj's thread actually (what a motor), but never paid attention at the time on the suspension setup bits. After revisiting them just now he's been to very specialist companies to have it set up. I'm going to contact 9Meisters which are the closest to me who specialise in geometry setups etc.

Yeah I've driven in the middle of the road and it isn't as bad so the normal slight cambers in the road definitely do contribute. But it still did pull, funnily enough I even felt it pull to the right at times too!!! It might just be me going mad and become hyper sensitive to it now.

I also called the last place who did my alignment and he also mentioned the camber in the road which could be it. Also that it doesn't matter that the front arms are from the M3, there isn't much adjustment anyway in the front so it doesn't need alternate settings? I'll be honest I don't know enough about it to make comment..or is it the case if I had the rear M3 arms then it needs a different geometry setup? Confusing.

Anyway, just to add, I went on a very spirited drive, just enjoying the power and the Quaife. Around a certain fast sweeping bend, I went over a bump where the car skipped over but I felt sort of a shimmy of the rear end. Not a shimmy where the tyres were sliding as I know what that feels like, it was what I'm assuming shifting of the subframe?? I don't know if it's because you guys have mentioned it so I'm trying to concentrate too hard on it, but it definitely felt different to conventional tyre slip...
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