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Originally Posted by hrm View Post
Hey Guys,

I know this has been covered loads. I have had a look on forums and still unsure about my car

Its a 2005 E90 330d Auto. Had it for about 2 weeks now. Doesnt go over 28 MPG.

I went into the Hidden menu and checked coolant temp. When Idle it gets to abou 88 - 92 degrees. When cruising along it drops to 71 - 72 degrees. If i punch it. It goes up again but drops quickly.

Does this seem normal?
I believe EGR stat is faulty, if I'm not mistaken 70ish degrees would be EGR and 80ish would be main thermostat, but as others may have said just do both, they're prone to failing so may as well do both and know they'll be good for a while. I had same issue, car would get up to high 80's if I gave it a thrash but with the EGR not closing the cold air would lower the temperature straight back down. MPG wise my 330D hovers 22MPG around town start/stop