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Consumers make products better

On a side note, I ordered this intake also. How was the install?
Fairly easy, the hardest part is disconnecting those darn side cables, near the rear turbo air duct, attached to the stock intake.

Also just pray that the rear turbo air duct's hose clamp set horizontally. Mine was set veritically and I had to get a 4" screwdriver to loosen it. WHen loosen make sure to set it horizontally for easier access.

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Nice write up, thanks for taking the time.
Do you have any dyno sheets comparing the Dinan to the AFE with the same tune and supporting mods? Just curious since you had it as well. The air inlet from the second filter being directly above the turbo inlets on the Dinan setup may decrease the restriction in that area that everyone is concerned about. I would never pay for the elite intake, and I own a Dinan. At least the Dinan setup is carbon and has additional heat shields, brackets etc. AFE I crazy to want that price for a plastic mold!
I only have a dyno of the Dinan CAI on my stock everything else previous 2011 e92 335i but never did a baseline without the Dinan CAI.

The Dinan CAI also has its limitation as it was not designed for boosts higher than 14-15 PSI. When you have a chance take off the cover and see how small the inlet hole you are going to be

The Dinan CAI baseline I did compared to the "average" stock baseline dynos on the N54 is about the same with the aFe stage 2 stand alone airbox in the same ambient temp range.

I will post the dyno with the Dinan numbers later this evening