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Unhappy Tail light trouble

Firstly, i am sorry if such a thread already exists, i've searched everywhere and found no solution.

What happened

Firstly, my reverse light stopped working. (the white lights that light up when putting in R) After that, the three "LED" -ish lines on the trunk lid died on the right side, shortly after, the left went with it. It left me a little bit of pissed off
since i've changed the front headlight bulb just a week before and i thought that the bulb change would be annoying as chaninging headlight bulbs.

What i've done
I removed the trunklid inner panel and changed the bulbs, only one (on the right side reverse light bulb) looked burnt, i mean like when you change bulbs at home and you see black-ish smoke inside of the glass. I changed the reverse light bulbs and the "LED"ish 3 lines position light bulbs. All bulbs we're correct amps and watts.

Well, i can't figure out whats wrong but they don't seem to work. the left hand side of the LED lights works again, and the right hand sight did work. But 3 weeks ago they went out and stopped working since, Sometimes they light up when i open and close the trunk. Same with reverse lights, the right one used to light up when i put it in R, but only for like 4 seconds.

What it looks like..(The car is in reverse with the handbrake on)
I've checked the cables on the right side of the trunk and replaced the fuses. Still no cigar..

I went to a dealer that i know and he said something about not beeing "grounded" or something like that, im not an electrican. unfortunately..

So anybody have any ideas and thoughts?

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