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Originally Posted by jb84 View Post
I've got the Hero 2 with most of the mounts. I think they're great. I've used it for skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, mountain biking and have stuck it on the side of my car as well!!

The quality of the footage is fantastic, better than any other camera of it's size, and so easy to handle as it's all on an SD card.

If I was you, I'd save up and buy the Hero 3: Black Edition. It's got everything and is wifi enabled so, assuming you've got a smartphone (and the GoPro app), you can preview what you're about to record or watch it live as you're recording, using the wifi network that the camera creates. I've heard the range is pretty good. Furthermore, you can fully control all of your camera's settings through the GoPro app.

The range of mounts is good and the sticky pads are ridiculously sticky!! They look a bit average but are so so strong!!

Let me know if you'd like any more info.
Cheers, JB.
whoa that sounds next level. gotta look into that.
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