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Originally Posted by mdosu
meh, saw the S7 at the autoshow this week. The S6 and S7 is way too expensive for what you get for the money. The A6 and A7 cars are too similar, with the S7 actually smaller for passengers. So we're paying up for less room for the same performance of a S6 (or RS6, whatever the comparison is)? No thanks.

Given this RS7 will come out at around $100k, it is just not worth it to me. RS7 adds some HP and other "fancy-boy" trinkets of high performance.
Isn't the S7 in the market to compete with the 650GC. Here at my local dealers, S7 has a window sticker of around $100k full load while in the BMW showroom a 6GC is at $122k. They are all expensive cars but how is Audi being too expensive in this case? (Also, fully loaded S6 is $89k vs fully loaded 550ix @ $92k) I didn't go online to figure them myself, those are what I saw 2 days while visiting both local dealers. (Canadian dollar as in BC)
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