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I'm sure it must be easy, not sure exactly where everything is at? :-) is there a DIY walkthrough here, anyone can link me to? thx in advance

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Just want to share something with you guys....I drove by a service dealer hoping that they will change my bulb coz I still have warranty. So I pretended I didn't know what to do. Spoke to this gentlemen and he told me sir, your lights are out. So I said yes it just came up, he told me he can change it for me for $120 and can be done then and there. Knowing how much it cost to buy the bulb from BMW itself $50 for a 2 minute job is outrageous!! I said why so expensive. He told me its a special bulb, so I then ask him does he know what bulb is it, he just said special bulb reluctant to tell me what bulb. I was acting dumb so I asked him does this cover under warranty, he said no(fair enough). I ask him how much it cost for the bulb he told me $100, so insisted me to let them to it since they can do it on the spot. I told him no worries I was passing by and didn't have time.

10 min drive later to nearest repco and paid $40 for the bulb, and loan they flat head screwdriver and replace the bulb on my own! 2 minutes later Job done! Save my self money!

Moral of the story is don't trust what the dealers say until u have done all your research as they are always there to bite you!