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Just got my code, 50eur well spent!


QNAP - amazing NAS boxes, had our TS209 pro II for 3 years, our model isn't current anymore, but its similar to the 219pII unit here: [url[/url]

You can go Pro level for more features, or 4xx level for 4 drive etc..

As well as being great network drives they're a web server, Itunes server, FTP server, Bit torrent client, UpNP server, security camera server, web based file system management with remote operation, twonky media server, printer server, auto cloud backup server..... the list goes on.

We ordered ours with two 1TB WD enterprise grade HDDs in Raid 1 mirrored for security, you can hot swap a faulty drive too if you need to replace and it just replicates the RAID mirror back on to the new drive without any loss of data, and the drives are continuously monitored for errors and it will send you an email if there's a problem detected! - like a pukka commercial server.

Its the centre of all our home network, and our business file server & business website host too. All devices connect to it for music, video, printing the lot.

Genius, and all for about 400 all in!

You know you want to
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