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Originally Posted by soulfunk View Post
Hi Alex,

was your post up there a response to my question, or another?

Also, if I wanted to stick with BMW OEM retrofit, what parts / kits would I need?
Yours, sorry I forgot to quote.

If you wanted an OEM retrofit, you'd get:

USB socket+wiring
Mic wiring
Bluetooth antenna
iPod Y cable
30pin adapter (if you've got an iPhone 5).

All in all, that's not less than $500 worth of stuff, probably more like 6-7, and you get:

Bluetooth handsfree (no streaming)
Music playing from a USB drive
Wired music from your iDevice with headunit integration + wheel controls
No charging from the car's USB port.
Must use Y cable.

On the other hand, you could get a Denison Gateway 500s BT

which gets you
Bluetooth handsfree+streaming
Music from a USB drive
Wired music from iDevice, or android, or whatever, with headunit integration and wheel control
Charging up to 1A (and I think the thing might have 2 USB ports as well, presumably one for a thumb drive or hard drive and one for your phone)
Can use normal white USB cable if iPhone, or micro-USB if android

and the full install kit is something like $530 or $550.

Basically, I don't know of any reasons why the gateway isn't a strictly better solution than true OEM.