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Originally Posted by E92_William View Post
Idk why you'd remove the mounting flange for the front driveshaft at the tcase when converting your car to full rwd because that flange will not turn or at least not with any good force or speed at all due to the way the transfer case works internally when in rwd mode. I believe the best way to convert the car to rwd for cheap is to pull the fuse that sends power to the transfer case computer. On my car what this does is have the car with full dsc and abs while not having awd. You will have the round triangle warning light on the dash but shouldn't have a dsc or abs one at all. It will work like a factory rwd bmw.

However keep in mind I don't have a front driveshaft or axles in the front.
The t-case stub shaft is friction fit to the t-case splines. Yes, there is a round wire spring clip on the stub shaft just past the splines that sits in a groove that partially expands to provide a minor amount of retention. All it takes is a large flat head screw driver to pry out the stub shaft.

like this

Also considering how the t-case functions... Even with the clutch in the t-case fully open (it's a wet plate clutch similar to a motorcycle clutch basket) there is enough drag to spin the front wheels if the entire vehicle is off the ground. This means that with the driveshaft removed, the stub shaft will be spinning quite quickly.

The concern would be if you hit a curb or bump hard enough (like on a race track) that the stub shaft could pop out. Having a several pound chunk of metal (the stub shaft) flying out on track and subsequently draining all of the t-case oil would be no beuno.

Likely no, but possible-yes.

Believe me I want to make this work as I have no need for AWD. The whole stub shaft retaining thing sketches me out a bit.

Open to any and all ideas though!

EDIT: from xDelete's FAQ page

Can I remove the drive shafts from the car?

xDelete is meant to be used with an intact drive train, as xDelete opens the clutches inside the transfer case, so no torque is sent to the front wheels.

The VTG (transfercase controller) still communicates the with the other modules in the car and would throw error codes, when the drive shafts would be missing for example.

The VTG’s internal oil pump gets driven by the cardan-shaft from the differential to the VTG. Without it, this oil pump no longer pumps oil through the transfer case, which would make the VTG oil overheat and then coke coke, ruining the transfer case.

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