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Basically my car feels like its driving without a pollen filter, if I ever use a windshield washer, I instantly smell the alcohol odor it gives, did an oil change and spilled some? You going to be smelling oil burning for a while. Car infront is smokey? yep you can smell that as well...
Are you familiar with the Climate Control Panel buttons which determine IF the "Recirculation Flap" is open or closed? There is a motor-driven flap near the blower motor which either is OPEN to allow outside air to enter, or closed to prevent outside air from entering. INPA or other BMW-specific Software/Scan tool will show you in real time whether that flap is open or closed. Without that, you can experiment with or "exercise" that flap, listening for motor whir and flap clunk, to determine if anything is happening when you select different "Recirculate" options on Control Panel.

Even if the Flap is CLOSED, and no outside air SHOULD be entering, if the Upper Microfilter Housing is NOT properly attached to BOTH of the two firewall air plenum openings, or one of the gaskets prevents proper seal, air from under the hood will enter the passenger compartment (as well as Water which can damage blower motor & JB/JBE components), so make SURE both of those ducts are properly attached, Four 8mm screws tight & gaskets intact.

The Microfilter Element just clips into the upper housing. It has NO moving parts, and does NOT keep out odors. The AUC which senses contaminates or particulates in the air that enters the microfilter acts to CLOSE flap inside car to go to "Recirculate" mode, but if gaskets NOT snug on firewall air plenum openings, "stink" enters even though flap closed.

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