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Originally Posted by yoko kai View Post
Oh I'll still keep it, I just want to find a bolt on pipe with no resonator, I don't want to cut/weld anything, I need more fart haha.
My gear shift method sucks, I wait too long I think to shift and the car hesitates? I don't know how to describe it. I gotta learn/watch more vids cuz I also rely on hearing the rpm's when they go down.
I'm going to use Umnitza mult. LEDs for a year of fun then sell then get OSS, it's all worth it to me at least.

I'm trying to move to San Quentin, they WERE hiring, I missed my spot, hopefully 2012 I'll get it.
The gearbox is slow. Not you. So dont sweat it buddy.
To be honest, I like the way your car sounds now.
You want more backpressure/fart? Resonator delete is the way to go then.
Yup, join the OSS force buddy :-)
do the full blackout while you're at it Jason.

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Speedfan, I fucking love your car. I know Vietnam is a rough place a lot of the time, so crazy props for everything you've done to it.
THANKS for being understanding buddy!!! :-)

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awsome job, i really love everything about this car

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Digging your taste in color...really great example of e90 tastefully done.

Money shots for a money ride!
thanks flip!!! :-)
My e90

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