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Originally Posted by StreetheatLA View Post
New here and just trying to navigate through the posts.

Does the iPod video out affect navigating the phone through my idrive? Or is it just for video.

I have ordered the lightning adapter and I don't watch videos in the car. However, I'm not sure if the lack of video also affects my ability to control my phone and see track listings, address book etc..

Could anyone answer this for me please? Thx!
It will affect the iPod feature out & feel to your iDrive.

I just don't understand why apple just did not go with a mini USB connection?

It would have kept all of us happy and probably would have picked up more customers, alot of people dislike iPhones because of this. If you think they have cornered the market imagine if it had a usb connection?

Long term everyone wants intergration to cross platforms, I think eventually you want your phone to talk direct to your computer and not muck around with special programs, itune's etc.

It will be interesting to see how future Microsft OS phones & W8 talk to each other and some cars are coming out with Windows based systems now.

Did'nt BMW talk about Windows based systems in there cars sometime back or they going that way? A wireless connections to your car will happen down the track as well as keeping Bluetooth.

With LTE (4G) sims being intergrated into futue BMW's via the snap in cradle (as per the press release by BMW a couple months back in Europe) a wireles connection to the Nav (CIC) from your laptop would be great for the kids in the back seat?

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