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Originally Posted by straightcashhomie View Post
thanks for ur opinions, also what tq wrench r u guys using? How about for Spark Plugs?!
I have two separate Torque Wrenches. One small (3/8") for plugs and one large one (1/2") for lugs.

You'll want 1/2' for tire lugs. Most if not all torque wrenches will have Ft. Lbs and Nm Scale. Make sure it has both as owners manuals sometimes give torque ratings in only one scale.

Torque Wrenches are a bit delicate so don't drop it and make sure you get one with a storage case.

I'm in Canada so I went to Canadian Tire (we call it CRAPPY TIRE Here haha).

*P.S. Putting Antiseize on the lugs is a bit controversial. I put antiseize on as the Canadian winters are corrosive and it just helps to take the lugs off in the spring/fall during tire changeover for me. There is a lot of speculation that if you put on antiseize, that so called torque setting is not valid anymore....I'm not gonna get into the pros and cons. Others on here will probably bring it up. Just be aware. For me, I torque mine wheels to 88 ft.lbs with antiseize).

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