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[quote=Comet;12317789]It has lost its edge
I drove one. From the second I sat in it, it didn't feel like a Porsche anymore.
Fast? hell yeah
Corners better? I guess
Feel? the car drove me.


Pretty much my impressions of the only 991 I've been in. I'd say they dumbed the car down a bit, made it easier to drive.
As fas as the PDK goes it's really slick once you get enough seat time in one to find the correct points. Buddy has a 2010 997 TT with PDK and it's just plain nice to drive that way, but that car has a really wide power band.
They are homogonizing their offerings though, 991 instead looks like a Panamera to me, outside beltline is too high making it look kind of squatty. I personally feel they nailed the styling in the 997 but that's me.
I think soon you'll only see manual's in GT and R models. Soon IRA soon!!