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Last week I had this mod done on my car (2009 E90). I ordered a replacement CDV and modified it myself before supplying it to the mechanic for installation.

This mod is a significant change for the operation of the clutch. Its a lot more precise and is a noticable improvement for every aspect of the clutch use. The main benefit is the friction point always occurs at the same position of the clutch pedal, so it takes the guesswork out of using the clutch. I was a bit sceptical of people claiming the 1->2 shift would become smoother, but I am so happy to report most of the notchiness is gone.

I'd been driving the car for 2 years using the stock CDV. From the day I bought the car I realised the clutch was quite clumsy and had unusually soft engagement. Eventually I got used to the delay of the stock CDV. After doing the mod it took me about 2-3 days to properly adjust my shift timing in order to shift smoothly and quickly. Now I regret not doing the mod sooner. The clutch operation is now like a normal car and its a pleasure to use the gearshift. I recommend this mod to everyone.

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